Do you see the line?

lines mountain guiding is inspired – guess what – by lines. lines through rock, ice and snow. The summit may be the goal, but what drives us remains the simple beauty of the natural line.

Following a crack line through seemingly holdless rock. Drawing the first lines onto a pristine snow face with good friends. “Merging” with the ephemeral line of a frozen waterfall. This is what mountaineering is all about for me.



We design our offers to be as landscape and climate friendly as possible. lines is a mountain sports partner of Mountain Wilderness Switzerland and a member of the Guides Alliance of Protect Our Winters Switzerland (POW).

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lines tries to grant special conditions to low income earners and people in precarious life situations (against proof). The same applies to associations and programs of/for people with disabilities. You can do without many things in life, but not without adventures in the mountains. Contact me, we will find a solution.


lines contributes with its small, fine offer to the local added value in mountain regions. We consume and stay locally and prefer, if possible, small and sustainable oriented businesses and personal relationships.


«Take only memories, leave nothing but footprints…»

Would be nice and ideally it is like that. But also at lines we use the alpine infrastructure of trails, huts, pitons and bolts, and we also benefit from the one or other cablecar.

But there are clear limits and some principles we follow to be as wilderness and climate friendly as possible: We travel by public transport and we kindly encourage our guests to do the same. Activities such as heli-skiing, heli-biking, heli-mountaineering and the like are consistently rejected by lines mountain guiding, as are newer via ferratas without a historical character (keyword: 360°-Fun!-ladder). Air travel is also not on offer, because we already live in a mountain paradise.